Isabel Codina


Born in Barcelona in 1961. Fine Arts graduate in Barcelona, specialized in Image. Resident at Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht. After studies in Fine Arts in Barcelona, she worked as an assistant with Hisao Suzuki, architecture photographer. Trained to work with a big format camera, technical skills in photography and artistic background has been always tied to her work.
Working as an interior spaces photographer for magazines gave her the look for spaces as a background and scenario for her artistic work in portraits. The period she studied in Jan van Eyck Akademie gave her the possibility to acquire big training in combining portraits from her colleagues and scenarios.
Since then she has always combined landscape and the person's attitude in it, working about social landscape.
She has done a great research in the field of photobooks related to topographical description of landscape for her phD thesis in photography, which has give her a great background about published works on the subject.
Recent activities:
Selfpublished book A room in Iceland, 2016. Presentation at H2O Galerie, Barcelona.
Refotografiant Barcelona amb Mark Klett. Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona, 2012
Paisatges deserts. Espai Sant Mario Barcelona 2006. Humbertone. Can Basté Barcelona 2003.